The alter universe Chapter 15 (2024)

Vanessa's pov:

I'm all good , flowers and swings .... no god damn me , I'm not at all good. it's been 2 freaking weeks and those assholes decided it was good idea to not even text us or talk to us like we didn't even exist . what the hell is this sh*t . Here I am adamant on makin him facing my wrath and him not texting me is not helping me anyway . they are just trying to push my patience to very last , goddamn the bond. even if I am all good and holding in my anger , my sisters being in despair is not helping me anyway ...

but the pack on the other hand got us addicted to it's homely nature it felt like home... a home we never knew we had, the warmth here ,the sibling vibe every one portraying . It felt good , good to be home.

I'm on my way back to the mansion after my every day round around the pack , playing with the kids who go around weirdly as pups here. the way they giggle snuggling into my lap every time I go around them ,I don't know maybe this has something to do with being pack alphas mate , being a Luna , I feel so damn good and responsible for everyone here. As I reach the mansion I hear bickering of my sisters with their newly found friends astonishingly their so called body guards , they came to a conclusion that if they can't get rid of them then they were going to be their friends instead . now it's a never ending saga of them messing around for every sort of game .

as I reach I see the bodyguards face completely filled with paper strands and ink marks and the place filed with cards

Big. Mistake

Sara and Natasha are astonishingly good at cards . As soon as I enter the room I see all the faces turn towards me, with the body guards face which was supposed to be frightening with a poker face into baby face which was about to burst. here we go again.

"LUNA!!! youngest Lunas keep on cheating on us , see there is no way one can wining a game too many times yet they won't agree on it"

" you or us" Sara and Natasha asked with a savage smirk on their face

" it's ok young men ,they are just too good, you should go easy on them ladies , we don't want them complaining them on us " I said

" luuunnnaaa!.. " they nagged not accepting that they cannot win over girls . even though James and Richard are very powerful betas they turn into absolute childish men when we are home while I cant promise the same when it is in the war , damn I saw them rip open some rouges on the pack territory the other day and I couldn't eat the entire day with the visuals in my head while they just gave us a embarrassing laugh all drenched in blood , and yes we have only two bodyguards while we are at home cause once we step out of the mansion we carry a whole squad of people following us as they name it as a "compulsory protection". but i guess that's understandable that we almost got our heads separated from our bodies.

as I enter the kitchen to make some personal experiments from you-tube , I see Jenny already working on dough to make something with bunch of muffins in the other hand . she didn't see me yet as I just peeked my head with the delicious smell coming from the side . I slightly whispered a " operation muffins " knowing too well that James and Richard could hear it and within seconds there were another four heads peeking beside me.

All of us looking at each other nodding our heads on a unspoken agreement as Sara and Natasha turned into black commandos going into the kitchen while Me, Richard and James went ahead to Jenny to distract her as straight as we could, started asking her questions on what she was preparing that, this , and god knows what as we see they slipped out of the room with the side view , and slipping out without even her noticing as we finished about half of the muffins, we heard a loud ass voice


damn it.

after a long , never ending searching she finally found us , with our face filled with bread crumb and hands high as an open sign of surrender but did it do any help , and you know the answer .

life was going not good not bad , I mean I wont tell that we were not having fun but the heavy weight is always there on the left side

later that day we were after for some arrangements for 4 university students who were back to pack for their temporary stay as they were in the list of getting a space allotted in the pack not that its a big deal but building house and all that needs a little time I suppose , they were here this afternoon , very timid and introverted .

It was now time to eat dinner and as always Sara and Natasha were on their own having a bickering fit throwing water , dough what not on each other . just when I was done with their sh*t and decided a put a piece of brain in them I heard a loud gasp of horror only to turn and find that they had threw a glass of water on one of the students .I threw them a dangerous glare as I went to the student .

" I'm so sorry about them " as I started

" no , no luna the younger lunas did not mean it any way " they were trying to be humble , but I still felt guilty and found my expression mirrored with both the youngest , I'll just deal with them later . the girl tried to remove the now wet over coat .

she was busy with getting rid of the water on the overcoat but my eyes fell on her hands . to find something I was not expecting , something that a had me burn with rage , a medium size tattoo , not any tattoo

tattoo of medusa. she was a SA victim

grasping in my anger all my sisters observed her tattoo only to be hit with horror and rage.

I grasped her hand a little hard then I wished for as she winced in pain and fell on her knees of my status which did nothing to soothe my anger instead added fuel to the already burning rage. I yanked her to stand up , my eyes teary and red with anger as I see everyone else including James and Richard ,the chefs ,maids on their knees watching me in utter fear as this was the first time I have ever snapped in their presence . to say i was angry was understatement. I looked straight into her eyes making her look into my eyes too.

" who?" were the only words that left my mouth as I saw her expression changed as if I asked the least expected question.

"luna it is not what you thi-" her words were cut off as Jenny spoke.

" This is a royal order, I only expect the truth ,who ?" with that words I see every one bow their head in utter respect .even though we felt regret using the rank to get it out of her but this is not something to let go

"beta John, your highness"


Noah's pov:

sh*t here keeps on piling up like a never ending mage to say that they make it tough for us would be an understatement obviously, as we were on the edge with all the bond trying to finish work as fast we could do but the things are not working the way we want at all , even though we have a high urge to just stop all this sh*t and blood sabath and just go yo our mates hold them and never let go but things wont go as I wish at all . we have this urge to call them but we know we will snap as soon as we here their voice it is taking everything in us to stop ourselves , I swear the bitches are going to pay for the sh*t they pulled god damn it.

the black clouds wouldn't leave at all , thundering all the time , I mean we know the sh*t the dark magic bitches can pull, this is what it makes us icky the most it takes us a hell to tell the difference between the white magic witches and dark magic witches .I remember that there was this twin from Africa with one of them white itch and the other dark and we killed the white witch as the dark witch portrayed herself perfectly as the white witch. on the other hand even though with the amount of dark witches in the newly made lair in the pack it takes quite a good amount of Mana to make a black cloud but this dense forest of clouds are making us wary .

we are going to have a final blow tomorrow to see how things turns out.

Vanessa's pov:

I'm all sticky with blood eyes still burning with the blood ....didn't know my anger fit would end up this way but do I regret it ..obviously no

30 minutes before :

I was on the veranda of this new f*cker who needs to be put in prison , I f*cking don't care of whatever rank this asshole has , aristocrat or whatever sh*t he is . As I enter the house I hear muffled cries from a certain corner . We knock the door once , twice , thrice and with that my patience ran thin as I ask James to break open the door which he hesitated at first but eventually did apparently this asshole was someone who took direct orders from Noah directly but do I give two sh*ts ...nah. once I enter the first thing I ask is to find the muffled voice which took only 2 minutes . but the thing which was a result of it was something which I was not glad of finding. this only made me stamp an approval of killing this bastard .this asshole should be burnt in public.

I saw a women all tied and naked on a bed. that's it. this son of a bitch needs to be gone.

" find him . no, take me to him "with Richard giving this coat to the women and James leading the way we were in the long corridor and now in front of a locked room

" break the door , neither do I have the patience, nor does this bastard deserves one" with me saying that the door blew open into two with a person sending something with a bird out of window. As I wanted to question what he sent , the person turned and all I saw was red.

there stood creepy John in his glory.

oh boy this is going to get real ugly.

Jenny's pov:

damn it . the situation could not get any worse than this . I know we were going to put him in prison and wait for our mates to come and give them his punishment as we were not in the position to give him any punishment nor did we have the official ceremony yet , but seeing creepy John here will make Vanessa and Natasha's sanity fly out of the window. and that's the last thing we want and then we see it. Vanessa and Sara shaking with anger before things go out of control I stepped in .

" beta John , do you know this girl " I asked pointing towards the girl now covered in James coat .

" yes, she is the omega of our pack and a maid in my house " he replied without using any honorifics nor remorse of his act . His voice and face was straight .

not helping.

" would you like to give any explanation as of to why her condition is like this" I asked with one eye brow high in a questioning way but his next answer sealed the deal for the dumbs go feral.

" yes as you know that I'm a man with needs I used my resources a bit ,but as you know a servant who do not do their job good needs to be put in place "

silence . deep silence .

until all we could hear was a creepy laugh from Vanessa and Natasha , which shook our spine . I turned to find Sara , Richard and James in similar conditions to me . Sara was quick enough to gain her composure . as she started.

" but what made you think you had a f*cking right to touch a women without her consent or abusing multiple women . " ok , I better finish this sh*t.

" Richard , put him in prison until your alphas come " I said but as he did not move and gave me a look that literally said ' please think once again luna' . but to our bad luck we lost the last straw of Vanessa already

"NOW!!!!" she yelled which I was pretty sure the entire pack heard .as Richard was o his foot to grab John but there was a loud growl from the latter which made every werewolf in this room on their knees in utter submission .including Richard and James.

damn the ranks.

"And who do you think you are to lay hands on me . you are not even the official Luna . I let you go for not kneeling in front of me just because you are the alphas mates . don't pretend to be oh so loving to the pack you filthy human or are you sad that you couldn't be in her position " he said trying to put his hands on me with a creepy look on his face

it was at this moment we found that the situation just slipped my hands . the next thing we know Vanessa hit him where the sun never raised again.

" you filthy BITCH, HOW DARE YOU " he said yanking her hair which was shortly met with a flying kick from Natasha .

"HOW DARE YOU " yelled Natasha in return and all the poor wolves were on their knees being helpless.

"raise to you feet " I said in a hurry so they could help the girls in any way only to be disrupted


with that being said all the wolves whimpered with the disrespect their Luna had faced and trying to let the command go but being of no help as creepy John walked straight to the girl who had no clothes on her with Vanessa and Natasha hot on his tail.

" you bitch just because they came , you thought you could disrespect me or getting out of my claws didn't you " he said yanking her up making the coat on her slip. next thing we know John received two kicks at a time . his blood shot eyes were telling he was losing his control as his wolf was taking control but he still stood up coming towards Sara and Natasha with his claws on view. I started to panic as Sara yelled to me pointing to the wall as soon as I noticed what she was pointing we both ran towards the other side of the room getting hold of the one things that were going to put us out of this situation .


as we grabbed hold of it as soon as we could only to find Natasha and Vanessa were held under a small place were they were holding his one hand with their both.

"VANESSA !!!" I yelled and threw the sword at her finding Sara did the same with Natasha . they both held the sword and the next thing we know , we have a rolling head of the abusive creepy beta John on the ground as the both swords are now stuck together with the face both of them clashed the swords and blood flowing every where in the room with all the wolves now on their feet.

and with all the blood dripping from her body Vanessa went to the girl covered her with the coat kneeling in front of her as she said .

" men in shinning armor do not exist in real life all we have is a sword , and the choice is whether we pick it or not "

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The alter universe Chapter 15 (2024)


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