Danny Koker Wife’s Korie Koker, Their Children, and his Family. - CarTvShows (2024)

Korie Koker is Danny Koker’s Wife. Danny Koker is a reality television personality, musician, and businessman. He is the proprietor of Count Kustoms, an auto-body shop that he runs alongside a crew of talented mechanics.

Danny also enjoys moonlighting as the frontman of the rock band count ’77, who, to date, have released tracks like Slow Ride and Shout It Out Loud.

The Count 77 lead singer has been married to a woman named Korie Koker for a long time now. They run several of his Count-affiliated enterprises together. Take a more in-depth look at their life right here. Find out if there is any truth surrounding their death rumours.

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Danny Koker is Married to Korie Koker.

The Counting Cars star is married to a woman named Korie Koker. She is 58 years old and was born on August 8th, 1965, in Nevada. Her parents, however, relocated Korie and the rest of the family to Chicago, where she spent most of her childhood and even received her education.

It gave her the platform she needed to pursue a successful career in television, where she dabbled in cinematography and a production coordinator.

Much like Danny, his wife Korie Koker has a deep-seated love for music. Back in the day, she got a few friends together and formed a band!

These similarities are likely what brought them together the first time they met in Las Vegas, Nevada. They shared an instant connection, the likes of which kept both of them coming back for more.

Danny Koker Wife’s Korie Koker, Their Children, and his Family. - CarTvShows (1)

After dating for a while, Danny Koker finally decided to pop the question. What followed was a short and private wedding ceremony, which marked the start of a beautiful life.

So far, Danny and wife Korie Koker, has been married for over 19 years. Despite not having any children, they have started several businesses together. Both are equal partners in the bar and grill establishment, Count’s Vamp’d.

Danny Koker’s Wife, Korie Koker’s cancer, and Death Rumor.

Many people want to be famous, yet they do not stop to think about what fame might entail. One of the downsides of fame is the numerous stories that will circle you and your family right up until you are on death’s door.

Speaking of death, several outlets burst forth to proclaim Korie dead after her car accident a few years back. However, this, like many other claims, is false.

The accident was not as fatal as she survived. How do we know this? Well, all you need to do is take a quick look at her Instagram page. Korie Koker is still regularly making posts on the platform.

Some of them feature her and her husband and date back to as early as a few weeks ago. It’d be a little hard to do if she were not alive. Danny Koker’s Wife Korie Koker’s Cancer, Death rumors is all rumors.

Danny Koker’s Death Rumor.

In 2008, the rumors that Danny Koker was dead had gained serious traction. A lot of his fans feared for the worse, mainly because his absence was notable. However, he quickly came out to squash these rumors, proving that he was still alive.

Yet we learned that these rumors had traction. Daniel Koker had indeed passed away on the 17th of February 2008. But this was not the Danny Koker we had come to know and love on Counting Cars.

No, it was his father, whom he had been named after. So it is easy to see where the confusion arose from once the old man’s obituary was made public online. The loss of his father was very hard on Danny. It is evident from the fact that he has been able to fix up his father’s cars even years after his death.

Danny Koker’s Father was a famous singer.

Danny sr. was a famous musician and composer. He has worked with several reputable music giants. These include groups like the Foggy River Boys,

The Cathedral Quartet, and The Rex Humbard. Music is something that ran deep in his blood. He took up the piano when he was young and, over time, grew into one of the best players all around.

Danny Koker Wife’s Korie Koker, Their Children, and his Family. - CarTvShows (2)

His talent saw him tour with musicians such as Johnny Cash, Mahalia Jackson, Connie Smith, and Jeannie C. Riley. Danny sr.’s two-decade run with the Humbard Worldwide Ministries gave him the chance to tour the world as a musician.

Sometime around the 80s, the count 77 frontrunner’s father had even set up a television network, Channel 29, which aired gospel music. The station even went on to birth the award-winning television musical show, ‘Rejoice.’

Music was something Danny sr. held near and dear to his heart right up until the time of his death. He left behind a wife, Mary Koker, whom he had spent decades building a life with.


Danny Sr. and Mary Koker have two children together. We have already talked about Danny Jr. Most people will not be aware of the fact that he has a sister named Kim Koker.

Danny Koker Wife’s Korie Koker, Their Children, and his Family. - CarTvShows (2024)


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