40+ Scavenger Hunt Games You Can Try Virtually or in Person (2024)

Scavenger hunt games are excellent bonding opportunities for teams because everyone searches for the same items or answers within a time limit. Some people may think you need to be in person to play a scavenger hunt game, but that isn’t always true.

Check out these scavenger hunt games you can try with remote-only teams or in person with coworkers to have fun while building skills that strengthen any team.

What Is a Scavenger Hunt Game?

A scavenger hunt game is a game where multiple team members race against a time limit to solve puzzles and riddles or find items required to win. There may be a prize for the winners or just the pride of knowing your team worked together to complete the challenges before time ran out.

What Is a Virtual Scavenger Hunt Game?

A virtual scavenger hunt game is a remote online game where players on a team compete to solve challenges, puzzles, or locate items before the allotted time runs out. Virtual scavenger hunt games can be played by anyone, anywhere in the world.

How Do You Play a Scavenger Hunt Game?

Whether you’re looking for funny scavenger hunt ideas for adults or entertaining activities for kids, a few gameplay strategies remain the same.

Everyone who participates either plays for themselves or on a team. There can be two or more teams of any size, depending on the number of participants.

Each person or team gets the same list of requirements. It may be one big challenge or multiple challenges. The person leading the game also sets a time limit ranging from 30 seconds to 24 hours. The first person or team who completes the list before the time limit runs out wins.

40+ Scavenger Hunt Games You Can Try

Scavenger hunt games can be played virtually or in person. Consider trying them with your team to have more fun in the workplace and develop better working relationships.

Outdoor scavenger hunt games

Encourage everyone to get a breath of fresh air by challenging them to these outdoor scavenger hunt ideas.

1. Random Acts of Kindness

Sometimes the best way to bond with your team members is by giving back to the place everyone calls home. Random Acts of Kindness provides a scavenger hunt opportunity to do precisely that. Have each team member do a random act of kindness on their scavenger hunt.

Teams of any size can get together and raise money for their preferred charity. Each challenge comes with points while teaching everyone about various causes. You could answer trivia questions about global food insecurity, healthcare inequities, or even environmental pollution.

Set aside a half hour to two hours for the entire event. The self-hosted game has 40 virtual challenges will entertain and educate participants.

Some tasks may involve online activities like trivia questions, but many opportunities require exploring your local city. Every effort aids those in need while helping team members bond about the causes they care about most.

Pro Tip: Sending a survey with various listed causes before your scavenger hunt begins will make the setup process faster. Participants can select or write about the cause they care about so everyone’s voice gets heard.

2. Google-based scavenger hunt by Sessions Lab

The experts behind Sessions Lab create outdoor scavenger hunts for kids and adults. The creator of your event will list everything participants should find through Google and submit the links for each item found. After 10 to 20 minutes, each team can present what they discovered with your preferred videoconferencing software and vote for their favorites.

3. Catch a flying bird on video

Remote team members can also receive a list of outdoor scavenger hunt challenges, like catching a bird on video while they soar through the air. Related challenges could include filming a squirrel sitting on a branch, hunting for worms, or sitting on a roof.

Ask your team members to submit pictures of five different leaves if you’re looking for scavenger hunt game ideas with outdoor photo opportunities. They may need to walk around their neighborhood or apartment complex to complete this challenge, so consider setting an extended time limit that’s more manageable.

5. Snap a photo of an interesting local landmark

Each town is unique. Your team members may want to show off their hometown pride by snapping a picture of a local landmark. Whether it’s a famous statue or a quirky building beloved by residents, the photos will start interesting conversations between new and older team members.

6. Point out shapes in five clouds

Everyone sees different shapes when they look at clouds, which makes them one of the best scavenger hunt ideas for remote teams. Participants can submit three to six photos of clouds and draw over them to point out what they see.

It gets creativity and conversations flowing, which will help when everyone works together on future projects. Team members will also remember to relax with their coworkers, which could prevent stress from creating unhealthy dynamics that result in workplace tension.

“When people look at clouds they do not see their real shape, which is no shape at all, or every shape, because they are constantly changing. They see whatever it is that their heart yearns for.”

—José Eduardo Agualusa, “A General Theory of Oblivion”

7. Record your favorite sound

The sounds that help you relax or make you happy may differ wildly from what your team members prefer. Many scavenger hunt games online involve researching various links, but few ask participants to submit recordings of their favorite sounds.

Ask your team members to send a clip for your scavenger hunt, whether they can record it on their phone or find a video link. You’ll bond over things like rain showers, crickets, or other specific sounds that take people by surprise.

8. Take a sunrise or sunset photo

Watching the sky morph through different colors is enough to take someone’s breath away. Your team’s next scavenger hunt could include a challenge to take a picture of a sunrise or sunset to share that moment. They’ll also get to show off their photography skills and potentially collaborate on how to take the best picture.

Fun Tip: Everyone can use SunCalc to find the minute when the sun rises and sets, no matter where they live. It never charges users, so it’s a great resource for free online scavenger hunt games.

9. Find a flower

Team members can snap photos of the first flower they see when they step outside. It might be one growing beside their sidewalk or a weed in their backyard. Either way, your scavenger hunt will create a beautiful virtual bouquet.

10. Spot an insect

Hunting for bugs is a great way to create an outdoor scavenger hunt for kids or adults. They can take a picture of the first bug they come across, which might not take long. Being outside will refresh everyone so they’re more energetic for whatever’s next on their daily calendar.

Remote scavenger hunt games

Check out these scavenger hunt games online so everyone can participate no matter where they live. They may even come in handy later when you need scavenger hunt games for kids.

1. Goose Chase scavenger hunts

The Goose Chase app brings people together for indoor scavenger hunts that feature personally selected challenges. Download the app to find questions and challenges that rack up points for each team.

Everyone can get real-time point updates from the app’s dashboard to see who’s closest to the finish line. One team might complete photo and video challenges fast at the beginning but take second place behind the team that’s better at answering riddles and questions.

Are you worried about everyone reaching a tie? The scavenger hunt creator can develop bonus point opportunities so there’s a clear winner.

If a few in-person team members will complete the remote scavenger hunt game together while everyone else is online, make it feel like a party. Encouraging everyone to show up for snacks and beverages will help them relax before starting the game 45 minutes later when the conversation’s flowing.

Fun tip: The creator can develop a personalized code so everyone joins the same private game. Make it unique to your team or company, and create inside jokes to make the experience more engaging.

2. Scavify

Teams needing more interpersonal engagement may benefit from a Scavify scavenger hunt. Every participant or team will get a task list of challenges with assigned points. As they work through their challenges, the administrative dashboard will provide a complete real-time overview of everyone’s progress.

Afterward, comprehensive metric charts reveal if everyone met their key objectives and remained fully engaged. Compare the results to previous scavenger hunts to watch your team’s skills grow.

3. The World Scavenger Hunts by Watson Adventure

Your team may not get to travel the world together, but they can still explore new cultures with The World Scavenger Hunts. It’s one of the most popular scavenger hunt games because everyone feels transported to a different part of the globe.

Spend an hour finding scavenger hunt clues at famous locations on your preferred videoconferencing platform. Participants will uncover objects and gain points by answering tough questions about them. Every effort leads to improved teamwork skills, plus a better understanding of the world.

4. Remote Scavenger Hunt by The Big Smoke Events

People who sign up for a remote scavenger hunt by The Big Smoke Events get personalized experiences that are entirely online. Anyone looking for funny scavenger hunt ideas for adults will love the comedy clips between virtual events and the humorous timed challenges that have everyone participating in shenanigans.

5. The Work From Home Hunt by Social Scavenger

Challenge your team’s creativity with Social Scavenger’s home-based scavenger hunt. It requires a minimum of 20 participants to create collections of pictures and videos based on prompts. Whoever gains the most laughs and answers the most trivia challenges correctly wins the game.

Pro tip: Remind everyone how much time remains in each round since the puzzles, questions, and creative challenges often take everyone’s full attention.

6. Virtual City Scavenger Hunts by Cashunt’s

Workplaces located in a major city can participate in Cashunt’s virtual scavenger hunts. Each game lasts two hours and includes clues and questions about your city. Participants will film videos and compete in secret challenges to earn medals.

Anyone worried about hosting a big online game can relax—a real-time Cashunt game coordinator will be with your team the entire time. They’ll guide the competition and demonstrate professional skills like how to speak with confidence and command a room.

7. Race for the Lost Tomb

While browsing scavenger hunt games online, consider planning a game that feels like an adventurous quest. Your team could try the Race for the Lost Tomb, which features clues across the virtual globe. Solving puzzles and discovering clues as competing teams will lead to one winner who finds the Lost City of Atlantis.

8. TerraClues

Communication is key to finishing the TerraClues online scavenger hunt. Participants use Google Maps to follow clues to a hidden location. Creative minds can even develop a search from scratch and make personalized challenges to develop specific team skills.

9. SmartHunt Virtual Scavenger Hunt

When your SmartHunt scavenger hunt begins, a virtual game host introduces everyone to the missions and tasks that could help them win the competition. Everyone uses their strengths to contribute to their team’s success, as lighting rounds, solo challenges, and trivia blitz games make time fly by.

This scavenger hunt challenge will make everyone laugh, just like classic games with humorous twists that are just about having fun. Everyone will make memories and new friendships that make your team stronger.

10. The Great Race by Wildly Different

Your team members may love going on an adventure by starting a Great Race scavenger hunt. Travel-themed questions, challenges, and clues will push everyone to learn more about the world and bond by helping each other reach the finish line.

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

—Tim Cahill

Photo-based scavenger hunt games

Rely on your camera or smartphone to compete in these photo-based scavenger hunt games that work across countries and time zones.

1. Send location-specific selfies

Zoom backgrounds make meetings fun, but they don’t help people get to know each other very well. Location-specific photo challenges could start more personalized conversations because they’ll reveal new things about each coworker.

Ask everyone to take a selfie of where they work every day. Whoever takes the most creative picture wins the most points for their team. You’ll see outdoor workspaces, kitchen nooks, and even home office desk setups.

People don’t need to share their location or name their city if they feel uncomfortable. The point is to showcase everyone’s workplace setting because it speaks to their personalities.

After the scavenger hunt, team members could also swap decor ideas to elevate their remote workstations. It may open doors to conversations about their hobbies, pets, and other interests based on what showed up in everyone’s selfies.

2. Snap a pet picture

Pet pictures are an easy way to start conversations. Your team could race to snap the cutest photo and vote for each submission. Anyone who doesn’t have a pet could find an image online of an animal they’d like to have or just admire.

This quickly becomes a winner for anyone researching funny scavenger hunt ideas for adults. Family pets could wear adorable outfits and make people laugh or break the ice for new teams and help everyone get to know each other.

3. Take a plant photo

Indoor and outdoor plants reduce workplace stress, so work them into your team’s scavenger hunt. Google-sourced photos could also work for anyone not near plants. Garden hobbyists and plant admirers can bond over their shared interests, which may not have come up at work otherwise.

Social media users upload pictures of their meals to inspire others and share their creations. Your scavenger hunt can replicate the experience by including the same photo challenge. Anyone who isn’t eating lunch when the event happens could post the most recent food picture on their phone.

Pro Tip: Let team members know about this challenge a day in advance, so those who might skip lunch prepare something to share.

5. Collect your coffee mugs

Some of the best scavenger hunt games for adults involve grabbing a beloved object in their homes. Challenge everyone to send a picture of their favorite coffee mug. They could also snap photos of their collection or a cup currently in use. No matter what they pick, everyone will get a glimpse into each other’s personalities.

6. Show off an object

People keep things around their homes because they hold meanings or memories. Wrap them into your scavenger hunt by asking everyone to show off at least one object of their choice.

They could pick something to decorate their desk or a family memento. Each object should come with a quick explanation so everyone can understand each other better by connecting over things they love.

7. Discuss your bucket list

Many people have bucket lists. Some will have completed their dreams, and others will have adventures that still await them. Ask people to share a picture of them doing something on their list or something they want to do. You’ll get a glimpse into everyone’s personalities that inspire new friendships.

You’ll also learn about each other by sharing what makes everyone thankful. People could share a picture of their family pet, a great memory, or something they’re excited to do soon. It’s an activity that works in scavenger hunt games for kids and adults because everyone can think of one thing that makes life more special.

“The heart that gives thanks is a happy one, for we cannot feel thankful and unhappy at the same time.”

—Douglas Wood

9. Strike a pose

Take selfies to the next level by challenging everyone to strike a pose. They could copy a model from their favorite magazine or recreate something goofy like the Blue Steel pose from Zoolander.

10. Select a random photo on your phone

When everyone has 10 seconds to select a random picture on their phone to share with the group, people will likely laugh at the results. It’s one of the most entertaining scavenger hunt game ideas because you never know who might reveal your team’s next favorite meme or something new about themselves.

Riddle scavenger hunt games

Many scavenger hunt games online feature fun riddles. Each team can compete against a time limit to solve them and win the competition.

1. Solve an I-Spy riddle

I Spy is a classic childhood game. It works in any location too, including remote settings. Create an I-Spy riddle for your team’s next scavenger hunt game and you’ll inspire tons of fun with in-person and virtual participants.

They could all face the same riddle or get separate challenges for each team. It depends on how many players you have, which changes in each workplace.

Don’t forget to make your I-Spy riddles rhyme. They should follow an ABAB rhyme scheme so similar-sounding words follow a distinct pattern.

Here’s an example of an ABAB rhyme scheme that also works as an I-Spy challenge:

  • When everyone starts their day,
  • they need light to see;
  • If you clock in on Monday or Friday,
  • turning this on is your first responsibility.

The answer is a lamp. Everyone can take a quick photo of the nearest lamp or light fixture next to their workspace. Even if that’s a window or the sun, people must work together to solve each riddle.

Generators will be your new best friend if you need some help. Fantasy Name Generators creates free riddles about random objects or things. You can also find rhymes with a generator based on the answer you want everyone to guess.

Fun Tip: If you can only think of one or two things everyone is close to, create an I Spy game inspired by a picture. Everyone can get the same link and use it to solve the clue.

2. Look for a mirror

Scavenger hunt games for adults often involve running around to find things. Get everyone to take a photo of themselves in the nearest mirror by making it the object of a riddle like this:

“You use this to see your reflection and shower yourself with affection.”

3. Browse the nearest fridge

Your team members might also be close to a refrigerator. If everyone works in their homes, use it as one of your scavenger hunt ideas. It could become the answer to a riddle similar to this one:

“The tasty treats on my shelves are cold and free of mold.”

4. Show off your shoes

Shoes are another way people express their personalities. Encourage everyone to show off what they’re wearing or their favorite pair in their house with a riddle like:

“Buying me was such a treat because I look great on your feet.”

Take a peek at everyone’s preferred tech by making their computer the answer to a riddle. Some people might even use the same types of computers and discover a shared passion, resulting in a new friendship.

You could create this experience by sharing a riddle such as:

“You use this to surf the internet and find definitions for words like epithet.”

6. Locate some cards

Get people to guess a deck of cards by creating a riddle about the common household object. Team members can submit the words in an online form or share a photo of one they own after reading a riddle like:

“You shuffle me on nights with friends and it’s easy because my deck bends.”

7. Find a famous fountain

Encourage everyone to find a picture of a famous fountain and send a photo by challenging them to a riddle such as:

“People use me to make a wish, but my water has no fish.”

Pro Tip: You could also pick the name of a specific famous fountain if it’s in a place familiar to your team. They could guess the Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas if they’re fans of the city or the Trevi Fountain if they know Rome.

8. Select a paint color

While comparing free online scavenger hunt games or creating your own, you can always make a riddle about paint. It’s likely on the walls wherever your team members work if you want them to send pictures, or they could just guess the object with a riddle like:

“Once a coat of this dries, it never becomes wet again.”

9. Display your favorite candle

Candles are in many households, but your team members can also find a picture of one they’d enjoy buying if it’s the answer to your riddle. Challenge them to a phrase such as:

“I smell good when set aflame and when it comes to decor, I change the game.”

10. Show what you’re reading

If your team members are big readers or talk about books they’d like to read, make a riddle like this where the right answer is a picture of a book:

“I reside on shelves or phones and have a spine, but don’t have bones.”

Seasonal scavenger hunt games

Consider the time of year your team will try a scavenger hunt game and personalize it to the season with ideas like these.

1. Find your favorite recipe

People looking for Christmas scavenger hunt games or other holiday-themed ideas can challenge everyone to submit their favorite recipe. They could type up the instructions or name the food in a submission form.

Fall and winter features themed recipes that people look forward to all year. Your team members might get excited to talk about their favorite meals, drinks, or desserts because reminiscing on their flavors is an instant form of joy.

Fun Tip: If any of your team members work together in person, you could use their answers to create a spin-off event where they bring their favorite seasonal foods to the office in the coming weeks.

2. Link your preferred songs

Some songs also belong to specific seasons. Popular scavenger hunt games for kids and adults could include a challenge to send a link to each participant’s favorite song. Whether they send a spooky Halloween tune or a summer radio hit, everyone will learn more about each other and potentially find new music they love.

3. Wear part of a costume

Scavenger hunt games for adults sometimes involve wearing a silly costume or part of one. Set a 30-second timer and get everyone to find something they could wear if Halloween is in the next few weeks.

4. Don your coziest hat

There’s no need to wear cozy hats inside workplaces or homes, so people rarely get to see their coworkers’ winter style. Creating a challenge to submit a selfie in everyone’s go-to hat is another way to have fun and even make outdoor scavenger hunts for kids and adults more comfortable.

5. Provide a favorite seasonal movie fact

Participants can submit a fun fact about the seasonal movie they watch every year. They might research a quick tidbit online or know one off the top of their head. Trivia often appears in free online scavenger hunt games because most people have seen many, so add one to your team’s challenge for a round of film fun.

6. Grab a beach towel

Give everyone 15 seconds to run across their house and bring back the first beach towel they can find. Even if they grab something they use at a pool, the towels will likely have cute designs people will want to share.

7. Find a winter bouquet

Christmas scavenger hunt games can also include a step where everyone submits a picture of a winter bouquet. They may have a flower arrangement on their table or find a beautiful bouquet of winter flowers online.

8. Name a few chocolates

Get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day by asking everyone to name 10 types of chocolate or chocolate products. Even though you can’t eat them together if your team’s remote, candy is still an essential part of this seasonal holiday.

9. Name five seasonal produce items

Listing specific things is one of the most common scavenger hunt ideas. Challenge everyone to name five seasonal produce items available at the current time of year. They’ll think outside the box and name the ones they love most.

10. Design an autumn outfit

Ask your team members to create a fall outfit they’d wear by finding a picture online or laying out clothes in their closets. It’s fun to see everyone’s sense of style, especially at a time of year when people can start wearing their favorite sweaters again.

What Are the Advantages of Playing Scavenger Hunt Games?

Playing scavenger hunt games with friends or coworkers has a few benefits. First, it teaches everyone how to work together. Even team members who haven’t worked with each other before must practice communication and time management to successfully check off everything on their scavenger hunt list before time runs out.

People who go through a shared experience where they support each other successfully build interpersonal trust. Trust is essential to every workplace, especially remote teams. Research shows it determines how team members deal with conflicts, share feedback, and even stay together long-term.

Playing games also helps your mental health. When someone tries a fun activity, the brain releases endorphins to create positive emotions, so they’re happier than before they began.

Key Takeaway: Try Different Relationship-Building Scavenger Hunt Games

There are many scavenger hunt games online for virtual or in-person team members. Think about what your coworkers might enjoy doing, like:

  • Competing to solve scavenger hunt clues around the virtual world
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Submitting pictures of a local building
  • Exploring their backyard to snap a photo of a bird
  • Sharing their favorite seasonal recipe

You’ll have plenty of fun while building skills that help in the workplace, such as strong communication and effective time management.

Want to plan more entertaining team activities? Reserve some time to ask amusing questions or build trust with games like Code Words or virtual mysteries.


40+ Scavenger Hunt Games You Can Try Virtually or in Person (2024)


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