10 Fast Facts About Danny Koker (2024)

Danny Koker is a musician, producer, celebrity mechanic, and American reality star who gained fame from Counting Cars' TV show. The series, which focuses on customizing classic cars and motorcycles in his customization and restoration shop, 'Count's Kustoms,' is one of the biggest hits and the best automotive TV shows there is.

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However, the versatile businessman is not limited to his love of cars and bikes. Danny's other passion lies in music. Being the son and nephew of celebrated musicians, he is also the lead singer of the Las Vegas-based hard rock band 'Count's 77'. To know more about the celebrated mechanic and musician, keep reading for some surprising facts about Danny Koker.

10 Knowing Danny Koker

Danny Koker's real name is Daniel Nicholas Koker II. He was born on the 5th of January 1964 in Cleveland, making him 57 years old. When he was younger, his family acquired channel 33. After that, he got the chance to host shows like "Saturday Fright at the Movies."

However, Danny's fame didn't balloon until he made his first appearance on-screen with Pawn Stars. The show revolved around Rick Harrison and his family-owned shop along the strip of Las Vegas. Since then, he has appeared on shows such as The Eagle has landed, and now his own, the Counts 77. He owns and runs Count's Kustoms, a custom shop responsible for some of the sickest restomods available.

9 He Owns An Expansive Collection Of Cars And Bikes

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Danny Koker owns a massive collection of cool cars and motorcycles. In an interview with Review Journal's Christopher Lawrence, Danny Admitted to owning at least 58 cars and about 70 motorcycles. Some of the vehicles featured in his garage include a 1962 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, a 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, a 1970 Coronet, a 1973 Buick Riviera, a 1979 Chevrolet Camaro Z28, and a 1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

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Other than the cars already in his garage, there are still a few cars in Danny's mind that he's interested in acquiring. Top on his list is a 1972 Lamborghini Miura SV. Though money is not the issue, the availability of the car makes it hard to acquire.

8 TV Shows

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The Count's 77 musician has appeared in several TV shows over the years. His most notable appearance on TV came with the start of Counting Cars. The show enjoys a vast reach across 160 different countries, including India. The series is about Danny and his team restoring vintage cars and bikes.

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The first episode saw him get a visit from his Pawn Star friend, Richard Harrison, who brought him a 1968 Mustang Fastback to work on. The Counting Cars star has featured on several other shows, including All You Need to Know: SEMA, American restoration, The Weekend in Vegas, and Cris Angel: Mindfreak.

7 Danny Has Not Touched His Father's Car Collection

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When the late Danny Koker Senior passed, he left the 57-year-old TV star quite an impressive collection of cars. Being a restoration expert, many people would expect Danny to work on them. However, this is not the case. In an interview he did a while back, Danny mentioned that he hadn't touched any of those cars yet, even a decade after his dad's passing.

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It's clear that his father's death still weighs heavily on him. In addition, the vehicles carry strong memories which they shared, memories he is not ready to let go of. The vehicles will probably stay in his collection since they hold a sentimental value.

6 He Does Not Like EVs

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Danny has no issue with zero carbon emission vehicles. After all, automakers have set aside time and resources to make environmentally-friendly vehicles like Tesla and Toyota Prius, and these models are being manufactured to reduce carbon emissions.

While these cars are suitable for mother earth, the Counting Cars reality star does not fancy them at all. In an interview on the Canadian, The Morning Show, Danny stated that he's never considered buying one. So do not expect any of his car collections to feature an electric powertrain vehicle or those that run on alternative drivetrains.

5 Danny Started Count's Kustom As A Hobby

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Danny started the Count's Kustom as a hobby, which with time went on to become one of the best customization shops in the country. The shop deals with upholstery, paint jobs, frame build-ups, and services. The place is even sponsored by renowned brands such as Matrix, Dakota Digital, Classic Instruments, and the Flaming River.

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During one of his many interviews, the Count's 77 frontrunner said he had about 45 employees who work round the clock to deliver stunning projects that match creativity. However, things have not always run smoothly in the auto-shop. In 2016, Joseph Frontiera, a former employee, was accused of stealing $75,000, and Danny's company went as far as suing the company that had recommended Joseph to Danny.

4 He Also Runs A Bar

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Danny and his wife own a bar, Count's Vamp'd Rock and Grill, located about 4.5 miles off the Las Vegas strip along the West Sahara. The establishment offers its customers, including Count's Kustoms fans, with an opportunity to enjoy decent meals over the beautiful view of the sunset.

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There's also an outdoor patio and an area specifically designated for live music. So while visiting Vegas, one can certainly go on a Danny Koker tour. From seeing his band play live to getting a tattoo in his shop and eating in his restaurant, there is a lot the place has to offer.

3 He Loves Horror Films

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Back in the day, known as "Count Cool Rider," Danny hosted a local channel gem show Saturday Fright at the Movies for two seasons before it was over in 1991. When questioned about his love of the genre in one of his many interviews, Danny said he regularly watches the AMC show, The Walking Dead.

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Moreover, his favorite movies include The Shining, Dracula, Theater of Blood, and Nosferatu. Just from the names alone, one for sure can say that these are not shows to watch alone in the night.

2 There Was A Rumor That He'd Died

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In 2008, rumors started circulating that Danny Koker of Count's Kustom had died. Well, this was a case of mistaken identity. Danny shared the same name as his father, the late Danny Koker senior, who passed away on the 17th of February 2008. Aside from having the same name, the two shared quite a few similarities.

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For instance, both father and son were musicians, so the two could easily be mistaken. The Count's 77 frontrunner is still alive and kicking.

1 Family And Net Worth

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Finding information about Danny Koker is not that hard, such as his net worth of $13 million. However, there are things that Danny prefers to keep out of the spotlight. One thing we do know is that Danny got married to Korie Fera in 2015.

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After dating for a while, they found that they shared a common interest both in music and business. Their wedding was quick, with barely anyone in attendance. Six years later, the couple is still going strong, though they have no children at the moment. Korie is really supportive of Danny, and though she doesn't have a substantial following on Instagram, she regularly posts pictures to promote Danny's band.

10 Fast Facts About Danny Koker (2024)


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